Lavender Interiors Home Interior Furnishing Company in Kerala, An ISO 2001- 2015 certified the best interior design company in Cochin, Kerala,

Certifications : An ISO 2001- 2015 CERTIFIED , BFRC CERTIFIED COMPANY

Standards : IS: 3614 BS: 476 IS: 277

Interior design is about creativity, imagination and an aptitude to develop a unique style for unique clients. At Lavender, we do more than just design – we interpret the character, needs and wants of our clients, and translate that knowledge into a spatial concept that reflects the totality of all three aspects. Through our sketches, drawings, and 3D perspectives, we strive to bring to life a design where you can feel one with your environment.

own factories and a team of experts. This professional company with capacity to deliver 60 house interiors in Kerala a month ensures customer satisfaction through systematic working. Design and build beautiful living space within a flat, group villa or independent villa anywhere in Kerala. Modular Kitchen, bed room, living and dining room differs in each house and thus need customization by experts. This company is able to make all facilities of furniture and decorative units inside a house as per specific requirement.